• In the golden age of planting modern and hip congregations, church planting is becoming a business model instead of a commission from God. I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. And there is one thing for sure; there is no shortage of churches. From Catholic to Protestant, Reformed to Baptist

  • John MacArthur's rejection of Social Justice in the name of the gospel makes absolutely zero sense.Megachurch pastor and Bible teacher John MacArthur has made waves recently. That's because his recent statements rejecting the Evangelical embrace of social justice issues have caused a lot of disagreement (full disclosure; that includes me

  • In the beginning of August, Pope Francis made a formal change to the Catechism (formal teaching of Catholic doctrine) that made the death penalty inadmissible in all cases. Here's what the New York Times had to say: ...Francis said executions were unacceptable in all cases because they are “an attack”

  • Sunday, after a long day of hanging at the lake with my family, we headed home and settled in to bed. My son woke up and needed to be put back down to bed, something that usually leaves me wide awake. I opened my phone to a plethora of tragic