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  • On today's episode, a compelling story of a pastor called to ministry. There's just one problem.. she's a woman. We look at why some Christians think this is not okay, and why there seems to be a lot of Biblical evidence to the contrary. Special thanks to Dr. Marianne Thompson, Dean of the School of Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary for speaking with us. You can see many of her works on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2wF8F1o Today's episode is sponsored by Omega Forge. To find out more, visit www.omegaforge.com

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  • Christian faith is often the establishment of a network of beliefs and worldviews. But what happens when suffering tears this worldview apart? Today story of a tragic murder of a teen girl, and how her brother found himself thrust into "theodicy" or the crisis of explaining human suffering.

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  • Today we talk about loving our neighbor, and what it looks like to build bridges towards help instead of barriers from help. Special thanks today to Jonathan Kumar. You can find out more about the Samaritan App at www.samaritan.city